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Molecular testing

What is molecular testing? And why is it important?

Molecular testing, also referred to as Biomarker testing or Genomic sequencing, can open the door to personalized treatment options and clinical trials. Molecular testing involves examining the genetic material, usually taken from a tumor biopsy, to identify mutations and alterations that are known to be associated with cholangiocarcinoma. Knowing which biomarkers you have (or don't have) can help doctors tailor a specific treatment plan to each person's unique genetic makeup.  

Biomarkers Matter (English)

Biomarkers Matter (French)

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You may be eligible for molecular testing. Below are clinical trials in Canada that offer molecular testing related to cholangiocarcinoma. 

Sponsored by University Health Network and in collaboration with Princess Margaret Cancer Centre 


Sponsored by Dr. George Zogopoulos and in collaboration with Cancer Research Society ​


Sponsored by BC Cancer Agency and in collaboration with BC Cancer Foundation 


Sites in Toronto, Ontario and Halifax, Nova Scotia are currently open for recruitment. 

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